Dinner Fellowships

  1. Undergrad Fellowship.

Every Monday night at 6:30pm @ Procter House, Undergrads meet over Dinner for spiritual conversation and friendship. We will be exploring topics about the Christian faith and how it is practically lived out in every day life. Many discussions will be driven by your questions so please feel free to bring your doubts and questions! For more info, contact Fr. Allen.

2. Grad Fellowship

On most Wednesday nights at 6:30 @ Procter House, Graduate and Doctoral Students from both Princeton University and Princeton Theological Seminary gather for Dinner and conversation. We will be have directed conversations around topics and issues. For more info, contact, Mtr. Kara.

3. Joint Fellowship

Every First Monday of the Month (starting Oct 7th), the Grad Fellowship joins the Undergrad Fellowship at 6:30 @ Procter House for a special community gathering. Special guests will be joining us to lead us in a community conversation. (On the weeks that the Grads join the Undergrads for Joint Fellowship, there will NOT be a Grad Fellowship that week on Wed evening). For more info, contact, Fr. Allen.