Every Sunday during the academic year, we meet for Worship at 8pm in the Princeton University Chapel.

“Lift up your hearts!”

“We lift them to the Lord!”

     According to the tradition and liturgy of the Episcopal Church, Sunday Worship is about lifting our hearts and minds out of everyday life, in order to connect with God through Jesus Christ. Our Worship services are designed to be sacred spaces set apart from normal life to help us attend to the reality of a holy and loving God; it is marked by reverence, contemplation, and attention to the loving, transcendent God we come to worship and serve. And we come to receive from Him the spiritual sustenance of His Word and Sacraments. 

     For those new to our way of worship, our services may seem hard to decipher with all of the various movements, acclamations, and traditions. But our intent is not to confuse but to draw you deeper in – deeper in to sacred mysteries, deeper in to the very presence of God. That is why we have incense (as a symbol of prayers being lifted up to heaven); that is why our altar servers dress in white vestments (i.e. don’t they look a little like angels?); that is why we hear Scripture read (i.e. God’s Word to us) and receive holy communion (i.e. Christ’s sacramental presence and grace given to us). Anchored in traditions that have deepened through the centuries, our liturgy seeks to set apart the Sunday Worship service as a sacred time to focus our lives upon the God who has revealed Himself to us in His Son, Jesus Christ.

And after we have been lifted out of our normal lives to worship God, listen to His Word, and receive grace for the journey, we are then sent back out into the world as His agents of life and peace.

“Let us go forth in the name of Christ!”

“Thanks be to God!”


We invite you to come worship God with us!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: ecp@princeton.edu.